Taxibox gives Australians some space in the latest television commercial via Siam Studios

Thursday 11, September 2014 at 4:26 PM

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The innovative and quickly expanding company Taxibox has teamed up with Siam Studios to create a new TV campaign that gives Australians more space. Siam Studios’ creative director knew he wanted to do something fun – not only to suit the wicked sense of humor of Taxibox managing director, Ben Cohn, but to give the Taxibox brand a unique voice.

The first ad in the campaign makes a gentle jab at overly dramatic commercials that lay it on too thick, with a bait-and-switch gag that suddenly goes from tissue-grabbing serious to technicolor silliness. This campaign, like the Taxibox brand itself, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The new Taxibox campaign launches this spring. A series of ongoing executions are in the pipeline, designed to become more outlandish and silly with each one.